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Integrated Construction drives cost efficiencies

Integrated Direct Hire Construction Execution

Fluor Constructors offers Clients integrated direct hire construction execution, with benefits in safety, cost, and schedule.

Safety Benefits

A single safety system with a single point of accountability enhances safety performance, encouraging consistent application of the safety program and full utilization of a proven methodology.

Cost Benefits

When Fluor Constructors is engaged early in a project, performing constructability and workface planning, Fluor engineering and procurement have an active customer in construction.

Team integration during the initial project phases addresses construction issues from the on-set thus determining the most efficient way to build and yielding the highest level of savings.

Our integrated systems, processes, and procedures, along with Fluor Constructors’ global best practices and lessons learned streamline project delivery. Project execution becomes “Construction Driven.”

A dedicated, single team, with one system and one set of processes and procedures, reduces staff and indirect labour costs and improves efficiency.

Reporting timeliness and transparency is enhanced and claims management is reduced or eliminated while indirect costs are dramatically reduced.

Integrated Construction also lowers construction equipment costs through improved utilization. In addition, Clients are able to lower contingency allowances from the elimination of layers of contracting.

Schedule Benefits

Integrated Construction Execution offers the ability to reduce overall project durations. Bid cycles reduce, sometimes by as much as 16 to 20 weeks, allowing an earlier construction start. Schedule flexibility expands, as craft workforce utilization can more easily be optimized across work areas. Schedule recovery from unexpected events improves and work shift opportunities expand. Integrated Workface Planning adds a sharper focus and enhanced alignment on Construction Plans.