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Fluor Constructors Canada Ltd. - Company Overview

In the Canadian provinces, Fluor Constructors Canada Ltd. (FCCL) utilizes a building trades interface with the 14 craft unions affiliated with the Building and Construction Trades Department of the AFL-CIO.

FCCL provides industrial construction services, construction expertise, craft labour, and supervisory staffing for industrial Clients throughout Canada, bringing construction expertise, world-class integrated systems, and global best practices to every construction project.

FCCL has managed a broad number of construction projects since its inception in 1949, ranging from a $500 million petrochemical plant to sustaining projects including turnarounds / shutdowns. FCCL provides Clients an execution option of direct hire labour, or a mixture depending on project requirements.

As one of the nation’s safest union construction companies, FCCL has a culture of safety leadership which drives our success.

Fluor Constructors offers Clients the benefits of an integrated construction execution approach.
Fluor Constructors is active in the industry promoting the various organized labour initiatives of training and apprentice development.
Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) excellence every day is a core discipline. Fluor Constructors is one of the few construction and maintenance contractors that has earned ISO-9002 certification.
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Fluor Constructors originated in 1949 as Fluor Canada, with a proud union legacy that continues strong today.